Why Your HOA Needs a Lawyer

General Article

Homeowners Associations (or, HOAs) can be very useful and helpful organizations. By working together to set community standards and address common concerns, HOAs can leverage their strength to keep their neighborhood clean and safe. All that said, there are some very important reasons that HOAs could need attorneys ashburn va to make sure things are being done by the book. Here are the most common examples.

Drafting Documents

It’s important to make sure any formal communication about important matters (notices of violations, fines, etc.) are worded with care. Most HOA board members are volunteers and not experts on fair housing laws. Attorneys ashburn va can help you draft these messages and avoid unclear or inadvertently illegal language.

Taking a step back, if your HOA is just forming, it is a very good idea to have a lawyer draft your bylaws and board documents as well.

Ensuring Compliance and Fighting Discrimination Allegations

We mentioned avoiding inadvertently illegal language earlier, and it’s important to drill down on this further. While HOAs have the right to enact certain ordinances and aesthetic guidelines with penalties for non-compliance, they cannot supersede state and federal laws. The most specific incidents of this occurring revolve around the perception on discrimination. It is illegal to deny housing or membership due to race, skin color, religion, or country of origin. Attorneys ashburn va will know how to navigate these waters in documentation, and can also defend HOA members accused of discrimination.


There may be situations where members are delinquent paying fines, fees, or dues. An official notice on an attorney’s letterhead threatening to send them to collections is a very effective way to make sure that money is paid.

HOA members often have a thankless, volunteer job. With the help of attorneys on a case-by-case basis, that job becomes much easier.