Why You Should Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Filing for bankruptcy gives you a chance to save yourself from your financial problems but this must be done correctly. Making a mistake in the filing of your bankruptcy can result in denial of your petition. If you aren’t sure about filing it yourself, it is recommended that you hire a bankruptcy lawyer to help you deal with the case.

Stop Nagging Phone Calls from Creditors

Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can stop creditors from pursuing you with nagging phone calls. When you have a lot of unpaid debts, you will frequently get calls from creditors. These phone calls will continue to haunt you even while you are filing for a bankruptcy case. However, if you have a lawyer to represent you, he will be the one to deal with all your creditors so that you can stop getting harassing calls from them. The attorney can confront with the creditor by demanding compliance if he violates on automatic stay. The creditor can be held in contempt by the court with the lawyer’s help if he refuses compliance.

Handle Complicated Paperwork

Bankruptcy lawyer can help you to handle the complicated paperwork that is involved in bankruptcy filing. To ensure the paperwork is filed correctly, you should provide the lawyer with a list of assets, properties, and debts in the appropriate categories. There are pages of financial data you need to fill in and the attorney will guide you all the way. He will tell you what financial data you need to disclose, and provide an estimation of the assets. He can guide you on what is counted and not counted as income. He can also tell you which expenses are reasonable. Anyone who file for bankruptcy must sign their paperwork under the penalty of perjury where you swear to the court that all the information is correct. While in the court, your attorney will stay with you and ensure that the testimony you provide is accurate. Get more details on bankruptcy attorneys near me with payment plans.

Save As Much Assets as Possible

Bankruptcy attorney can help you to save as many assets as possible. Many people assume that they will lose all their assets after filing for bankruptcy since they are to declare everything in the paperwork. However, a lawyer who is experienced know how to navigate through these all and help you to save some your cars, houses, or other properties instead of letting all your assets be used for paying your debts.

Help You Get Discharged from As Much Debts as Possible

Filing for bankruptcy doesn’t mean you will automatically be discharged from all debts but a lawyer can help you to get discharged from as much debts as possible. This will prevent you from having to pay more money than you are required. Besides, the attorney can negotiate on your behalf with the creditors for a more affordable payment terms. For example, he can persuade the creditor to reevaluate the collateral that you use in securing a debt or reduce the loan interest rate so that it is more affordable for you to repay back.