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Important Tips of How to Expunge a Felony

You will find quite a good number of individuals out there who are convicted with a crime. There are some serious consequences of committing an offense that ranges from being fined or being jailed. Your life can also be affected by crime charges such as your employment, housing and some other important aspects of life. When you think about the impact those charges can have on your life, you know how important it can be for your life to remove those records of crime. What is more is to wonder whether there are possibilities of expunging a felony. In this website, you can read more about what can be expunged and how to start the process.

Most but not all states have expungement laws. This is especially true for the common crimes and lower level of offenses.

If you determined in knowing whether you can have your offense pardoned, it will be crucial for you to view here! the expungement process for the jurisdiction you were accused or condemned in. You can start the process at the county criminal court or the law enforcement agency where you received your arrest. There is nothing wrong with asking for the certificate of actual innocence. This is actually a very authoritative form that records that the offensive statements should not be kept. It also seals the record in the same way a regular expungement does.

If you have been convicted of a crime for the last two years, count it impossible for you to expunge the offense. It will not be that possible for you to apply for expungement if you have had a recent criminal verdict. You can also be able to handle two parallel cases. There are time the jury will be lenient with you and is going to obliterate the records even when you have subsequent crime. Thats especially true if the two crimes are completely unrelated.

There are some ways of obtaining an expungement as discussed below. One of them is certificate of innocence.

The other is proof of rehabilitation, this proof demonstrates that a person has taken steps to live a life of exemplary conduct and to correct their past wrongdoing.

The last one is the pardon from the state law administration, this is just a notice that you can walk freely having your mistakes pardoned; while your record will remain and you will still have to disclose your criminal activity, a pardon can lessen the negative impacts of your criminal history.

Hiring an expungement attorney is essential for they all know if and when you are eligible, the process for applying, and what the consequences of your expungement are.