Weird Facts About Important Figures From The History Of Bail Bonds

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One of the weirdest bail bondsmen to ever show up in the country was none other than Christopher Hauptman. Luckily he had nothing to do with Wayne County bail bonds. For all that the outside world could tell, he led a fairytale life with lovely wife. Everyone thought that they had the perfect marriage until something far weirder came out.

The newlyweds both ran a bail bond service and she would frequently brag on social media how wonderful her husband was. However, little did she know that he was hiding an unusual secret. Without her knowledge, he had secretly married another woman. That woman turned out to be her daughter.

The police arrested the amorous bail bondsman and it was discovered that his name he was going under was actually an alias. He had been on the run from the law under his real name but the law finally caught up with him. He told the judge that if he was convicted and jailed that the criminals in the county would be running wild but the judge was having none of it. He was jailed and his freedom taken away. It is not known if he used Wayne County bail bonds to try and get his release.

He was released from jail for having being given credit for time served. It is also not known if he ever became a bail bondsman again. As you can see, there are some very interesting things that you can learn about bail bondsman and the weird world that they exist in. If these types of articles pique your curiosity, then why not read more about them and do the research. Bail bondsman always have interesting stories to tell the world around them.