Understanding Divorce Laws

General Article

Divorce under any circumstances is an emotionally and financially difficult time in the lives of those involved. When children are part of the equation, the situation can escalate quickly into fighting, leading to a drawn out divorce that hurts everyone involved. The best way to ensure as smooth of a transition as possible into life after divorce is to understand the laws and rights of all involved.

Divorce in Florida

Like all other states, Florida has its own set of rules and guidelines as it pertains to divorce. Those involved in seeking a divorce should consult a divorce attorney altamonte springs fl if they live in this area of the state, as this will help clarify the steps necessary to achieve their legal separation. Decisions will need to be made to determine the separation of property, money, and other valuable objects acquired during the marriage. Some couples are able to reach an agreement on their own and can thus move forward with an uncontested divorce. Too often, though, disagreements occur and legal help is needed to help settle the dispute based on the law. This happens most often when children are involved.

Children and Divorce

In the state of Florida, parents are required to take an online class, called the “Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course”. The course is designed to help ease the emotional impact on the entire family during and after the divorce. Additional requirements include a parenting plan, determining child support, and setting a timesharing schedule. These are often the most contested parts of a divorce and can cause further strain on the relationships within the family. A Florida judge, however, will not grant the divorce until these matters are settled.

A divorce is meant to be a new and, hopefully, more fulfilling future for those involved, as it is a chance for both parties to find the happiness they have been missing during their marriage. Ensuring the children are cared for, and the laws are understood by both parties, can make an otherwise difficult situation much easier.