The Different Types of Bail Bonds

General Article

Even though an arrest is an experience that many people around the country have felt, it can still be frightening for them and their loved ones. It never hurts to prepare for the potential arrest of yourself or a loved one. Learn more about the different types of bail bonds beaver county pa so you, your friends or relatives can prepare properly.

Surety Bonds

The most common non-cash bonds you will see are surety bonds, also simply known as bail bonds. Sometimes, after an arrest, you are not capable of paying full bail. In that case, a loved one can contact a bail bondsman, who will charge the client 10% of the bail to secure release, as well as a collateral. After being released, you are responsible for showing up to court to fulfill your duty, or else the bondsman is forced to pay full value.

Immigration Bail Bonds

These specialized bail bonds are utilized by people who are not citizens or residents of the United States. Because of this specific citizenship status, it might be difficult to find the money or resources to secure a bond. Immigration bail bonds follow specific criteria that you must meet. While any bail bondsman can provide a bond to an immigrant, you should find one who specializes in it.

Federal Bail Bonds

When it comes to a federal crime, you will have to obtain a federal bail bond. Unlike most other bail bonds, you will have to arrange this one with the court directly, without the assistance of a bail bondsman. However, a bondsman can advise you during the process. You can use either cash or property as collateral to get a federal bail bond.

These are some of the most common bail bonds you might use if you or a loved one are arrested. Educate yourself so you can make arrangements in case of such an unfortunate moment.