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Great Police Quotes

You will note that there are a number of careers that establish a bond with the people. You will find that law enforcement officers have a connection that can hardly fade. You will realize that it is necessary to enjoy a little humor especially if your career comes with stress. This will certainly bring about a funny yet positive spin to your daily experiences. It is imperative to note that there are quite a number of hilarious quotes that relate to the police. Keep on reading to find more and more of such quotes.

Jack Nicholson once said that the only two people that you can lie to in this world are the police and your girlfriend. You will realize that only police officers are in a position to understand the frustrations attached to breaking through a wall of lies. You have certainly been exposed to a good number of lies as an officer unless this is your first day on duty. It is necessary for you to jot down a few funny stories that you get from people. You will also be exposed to “Running will only make you go to jail tired.” It is imperative to mention that people often assume that they are better runners than they are. More than often, they will assume that they can outrun the police. ‘A cop pulled me over and asked for papers so I told him, “Scissors, I just won,” and drove off. This illustrates that people tend to come up with funny excuses every now and then.

There is no time that a cop has said, “Thank you for committing crimes and ensuring that we stay employed.” This is absolutely rude. You will hardly get a police officer appreciating a shift that features great levels of boredom. Edward Conlon indicated that he was surprised by the number of people that said to him things that led to their arrest. There are times that people will be offensive despite an officer trying to be lenient. There is nothing as funny as red, blue and white being reflective of our freedom until they start flashing right behind you. Is there? You will realize that it is necessary for you to offer a traffic ticket to one person in the quest of lessening levels of danger to other people. Reed Farrel said that “When cops are at work they love lawyers just like lions love hyenas, only that this time there is no mutual respect. You will realize that both parties aim at upholding the law.

Edward Conlon indicated that he only loved his job when it does not suck after being asked whether he likes being a cop. This statement is reflective of truth to many officers. You will find that there will be a change from awful to incredible from time to time in law enforcement.