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How to Address Injuries in Your Facility
For many employers, they have a premium that touches on workplace safety. Indeed, this may actually describe you. Towards this pursuit, you may procedurally find yourself periodically issuing safety manuals so that your employees follow safety procedure in their workstations. Unfortunately, accidents will still happen even when the precautions are taken into consideration. Although some of the accidents can be avoided, there are some that cannot be avoided. Think of the ear 2017 for instance when there were very many accidents in the workplaces. You may end up managing your employee’s workplace injury. Read on to know what to do in such an occurrence.
The first thing for you to ensure is to ensure that you have a plan. You do not want to wait until an accident happens so that you can have protocols. It is very essential to have plans in place even before an accident happens. This is handy ion equipping your employees and enabling them to play specific roles in case of an accident. This is a sure way of telling them what is expected from them.
There are several things that must be on hand. These things include a first aid kit, emergency service numbers, and local medical facilities phone numbers.
It is more sensible to ensure that you have several people who are trained on first aid. More staff will take the first aid training if it is offered on site. You can alternatively pay for their training in a different place. When an accident happens, the injury needs to be well documented with some photos as evidence.
Rendering aid is the other thing. Again, it is useful for aid that seems reasonable to be rendered. A good thing to do is cut bandaging. If there is a possibility that the employee has a head, neck or back injury, do not allow them to move. Dangerous injuries require that you take the employee to the doctor immediately. Calling an ambulance is a viable option.
After this, there is a need to have your insurance company informed. As soon as your employee has left for treatment, it is time to call your insurance company and inform them. The incident needs to be reported to the insurance company without any further delay.
Again, your lawyer needs to be informed. Use of a phone to relay the information to your lawyer is needful.
The problem now needs to be fixed. Look for what could have caused to injury and address it with all carefulness.