Finding the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

General Article

Personal injury lawyers provide legal services to clients who claim to have been injured (psychologically or physically, depending on the case) as a result of negligence of a person, government agency, company, or any other entity. They tend to practice mainly in the area known as tort law. Common personal injuries claims include injuries from traffic collisions, professional malpractice, defective products, workplace injuries, or slip and fall accidents. The term “trial lawyers” is sometimes associated with personal injury lawyers, although many lawyers get associated with the term, and in most cases personal injury claims don’t even make it to trial and get settled.

Finding a personal injury lawyer is a crucial step, and can make the difference between getting no compensation (or a way smaller amount that what your case might be worth) and winning the case. The skills and experience that your lawyer has plays a pivotal role when it comes to the amount of compensation you might receive. Given the serious nature of the case, the best course of action is to do proper research before hiring an attorney, and not base your choice simply on ads.

There are many lawyers out there who would chose to settle the case in quick fashion and accept whatever the insurance company might offer, because they work for firms that operate on a high volume and quick turnover basis. A search based on your type of case and your location, for example auto accident lawyer Joliet IL, can show you a list of lawyers available in your area and who would fit your case. Proper research is needed in order for you to make a confident decision before choosing the lawyer who might be the right fit.

One of the things to ask yourself before hiring an attorney is if they take cases to court. Plenty of people believe that personal injury lawyers take cases to court on a regular basis, but in reality, a large percentage of lawyers have little to no jury trial experience. The insurance company must believe that your lawyer is ready and willing to take the case to court. In case you hire a lawyer who never goes to court and always chooses to settle, the insurance company will be aware, and thus the settlement might be lower.

Depending on the type of case and how serious it is, taking it to court might be a very expensive venture. The case might need to include expert witnesses or experts who need to testify about the nature of the injuries, such as treating physicians, life care planners, etc. In that case, the lawyer might need sufficient resources in order to fund the case properly and not cut corners.  In addition, you would want a lawyer who handles personal injury cases on a regular basis, as it ensures that they are on top of the developments in that area of law that deals with personal injury – which is a something that a general practitioner might not be up to date with.