Determining What Type of Management Consultant Should Be Hired


When it comes to organizational consulting or counseling, the human aspect is an essential element of a company. Typical projects are located inside employee management and change management. Corporate consultations do not have to be very big.

Small specialized firms can deal with organization development, communication, leadership, systemic coaching, and human resources. If your business needs help, David Johnson Cane Bay can provide sound advice.

Process & IT consulting

Automation and optimization of business processes is the central hotbed of process & IT consulting. Focusing on the business and/or technical aspects of a business, employees of this type of business consulting act as experts. This specialization enables even smaller players to successfully assert themselves in a consulting niche.

If your company hires a smaller consulting firm, you will most likely be advised on process or IT issues. For example, the consultant can specialize in a requested technology, become a subject matter expert for business-critical processes, or work precisely at the interface between business and information technology.

Full-service consultations

As a full-service provider, this consulting covers the entire consulting spectrum. Start with strategy development and work towards the operation of developed software solutions. Historically, full-service consultancy firms have emerged mostly from IT companies or auditing.

With their wide range of services, they are active worldwide in rather long-term large-scale projects with international customers. If a company is looking for a full-service consultant, it must review all the advantages and disadvantages of a large management consultancy: a broad range of activities against an international backdrop with anonymity and interchangeability. The different types of business consultancy are:

  • Strategy & Management
  • Change & Organization
  • Process & IT
  • Auditing & Tax
  • Full Service

Specialization by industry

Another distinguishing feature of a management consultancy lies in its industry specialization. This, in turn, depends on their customers. Other consulting companies have their market, for example, in the chemical, energy, or financial industry.

If a consultant specializes in a specific industry, a business looking for an expert must hire someone that fits their needs. On the one hand, you benefit from their profound expertise and experience. On the other hand, the well-being of your company is firmly tied to that industry.