4 Things to Know When Buying A New Home

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Are you craving a yard of your own? Are you tired of sharing walls (or a ceiling) with unknown strangers? Are you simply ready to settle down? If so, it might be time to buy your own home. While a major investment, it’s also a chance for independence and growth. There is so much to know before you sign the papers, so do your research and use the follow tips to make this process smoother.

Know Your Limits

Purchasing a home means sinking a majority of your paycheck into the mortgage. The perk is you have your own place (and can hopefully earn some money in appreciation). The downside is that the funds are tied up in the house. For this reason, you should stay within a reasonable range. List your current expenses, and determine how much is left for the mortgage. Find a lender, and shop around for good interest rates. You will also want to read up on any hidden (or unfamiliar) costs such as taxes, insurance and HOA dues.

Make a List

Like many things in life, you have wants and needs. Before you start searching, make a list. Sit down and write out your dream list. Highlight the “musts.” Now, be careful here. There is a fine line between a must and a desire. Stick to items that can work in your budget. If the dream list isn’t feasible, then consider sitting back and saving up more money. Don’t bite off more than you can afford.

Look Around

Take your time scoping out houses. Keep your list handy, and write out how you feel about each location. Once you’ve found the right place, ask your realtor to start the contract and move forward with an appraisal and inspection.

Sign the Papers

The realtor should help you connect with a title company nocatee fl. This business investigates the property to protect you from any insurance or ownership issues. Most likely, you’ll close in their office.

Once the keys are in your hand, it’s official. Bring over some boxes, and settle into your new place.